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Post Graduate Certificate in Business Research Methods- PGCert.

This program is referred to as the course-stage of a doctoral program and consists of three courses. These are called the Introduction to Business Research (IBR) courses. They are referred to as IBR1, IBR2 and IBR3. The program is aimed primarily at people who have no previous experience of doctoral research.


Edinburgh Business School

  • Beskrivelse

    The Pre-Doctoral Programme is specifically designed for students who want to fully prepare for a DBA or PhD degree at Edinburgh Business School or elsewhere. Entry to doctoral studies is increasingly competitive so it is vital that you understand the research process and have a clearly defined research idea before embarking on a doctoral research programme. This programme will help you do just that.

    Students can choose where, when and at what pace they study. The programme can be completed entirely by self-paced distance learning but you also the opportunity to enhance your learning trough attendance at intensive two weekend seminars that are held for each course at Høyskolen Kristianias campus in Oslo.

    Students who complete the Postgraduate Certificate can apply for a DBA or PhD with Edinburgh Business School, however, you will still need to meet the other entry requirements for your preferred programme of study.

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    Before you can order a course that is part of the PGCert Business research methods, you must apply and get admission to the program.
    NB! This study is not supported by the Loan Fund.


  • Learning objectives

    On successful completion, not only will you have you have the theory, knowledge, tools and techniques required to embark on a doctoral research programme, but you are also awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Research Methods, a significant University award in its own right.

  • Career

    The programme is aimed primarily at experienced managers and business professionals who are looking to develop doctorate level research skills that can be put to practical use.

  • Samarbeidspartner

    Edinburgh Business School

    Heriot Watt University's etter- og videreutdanningsfakultet Edinburgh Business School (EBS), tilbyr høyere akademiske studier. De ønsker å være ledende internasjonalt innen forskning, og er et av Storbritannias topp 35 universiteter. Høyskolen Kristiania Nettstudier er en offisiell samarbeidspartner med Heriot Watt University og tilbyr flere av deres anerkjente masterprogram her i Norge.

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        Introduction to Business ... IBR1 explains how to prepare a research proposal. Les mer
        14.550,- Velg
        Introduction to Business ... On completion of IBR1 (The Research Proposal), the candidate will be equipped to design and write a fully structured and coherent research proposal that describes what the research is about, what it is designed to achieve and how it is to be executed to a standard that convinces the DBA Research Committee that the proposed research is viable. Les mer
        14.550,- Velg
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